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Workers Comp Claim: How Much Can I Get?

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Do You Have a Workers Comp Claim?

Workers Comp ClaimIf you have been injured in the workplace, You may have a Workers Comp Claim. You will need to fully understand many key parts to filing for a workers compensation claim to receive the full amount of funds to which you are entitled. Navigating this process is much smoother with an experienced attorney on your side, and at Mark Yampaglia Law we have extensive experience in this arena. Here is a quick look at some of the factors that affect the funds you can receive for a workers compensation claim.

Determining the amount of money that you’re eligible for after suffering from an injury or negative health consequence at work happens through a formula used by insurance companies to estimate the damages you have suffered. The ‘pain and suffering’ damages will come down to medical fact, while there is a time to argue about the other more subjective impacts after the other major issues have been considered.

The non-economic damages multiplier will be more substantial if you have serious ‘hard-injuries’ that can be well documented by x-rays or other diagnostic scans, or have long-term consequences that can stem from them. You can argue that you were victim to an extremely large amount of emotional or mental stress as a result of the injury, or if it impeded other parts of your life negatively, including your education, participating in family events or celebrations, or caused you to have otherwise quantifiable difficulties in life.

It’s also true that these types of qualifiers can work against you in seeking workers compensation. If your injuries healed quickly and needed no long-term care or procedures, you will have a hard time getting a lot of funds. Any indications that your injury was not severe, including treatment by a non-medical doctor, including a chiropractor, can cause you to not have as high of a multiplier ranking. This is also true if there were no emotional issues involved, or if the physical issues did not extend past the initial incident.

Other than the damages, there are several other factors that can make a huge impact on the final settlement amount. One of the key factors is fault: if you were no way in fault, you can be sure to collect a much higher sum, but if you had a role in the injury occurring you will have difficulty collecting a higher amount of damages. Additionally, your overall demeanor and attitude to the proceedings can have a shockingly large impact on the final settlement. If your employer or the defendant comes across as unlikeable, it will work in your favor, and the reverse is true if you are not seen as trustworthy during the negotiations. Witnesses who can testify on your suffering or on your work with the company can also work strongly in your favor.

Since  a workers comp claim can be so complicated, as well as particularly difficult for you to undertake as you are going through the medical treatment following your injury or accident, it is vital that you work with an experienced attorney. Call the Law Office of Mark Yampaglia today for a free consultation on our professional legal services and how we will put our expertise to work for you (844) 847-0106.

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