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Involuntary ManslaughterUnlike other types of homicide that generally explicitly intend for the victim to die, involuntary manslaughter is one classification which does not require the defendant to intentionally cause the end of someone else’s life, even though that was the result. It is a killing which was unintentional, and usually occurs due to criminal negligence or recklessness, or because of another misdemeanor or low-level felony. This includes drunk driving and other cases of extreme recklessness in which the death of the victim was never intended.

Proving Involuntary Manslaughter: For a guilty conviction to happen, these three points must be fulfilled: a person has died because of the defendants actions, the actions which the defendant took were dangerous inherently, or done so recklessly so as to endanger human life, and the defendant had sufficient knowledge to expect that their actions would endanger the life of another human person.  Examples of negligence include a building manager not installing smoke detectors, a carnival ride operator improperly running a roller coaster, or other reckless but not intentional acts of homicide.

Difference from Murder: The key difference of course is that in cases of involuntary manslaughter, the killing is not intentional, where first degree murder cases are often premediated and second degree cases are also done on purpose. It is also distinct from voluntary manslaughter, known as crimes of passion, in which the defendant did intend to cause harm to the individual they killed. This however does not exclude from murder charges killings which occurred while an inherently dangerous felony was being committed, such as arson or other similarly intentionally dangerous activity.

Importance of hiring an experienced attorney: Involuntary manslaughter is technically classified as a homicide, and can carry with it severe penalties including potential deportation, loss of standing in your community, stiff fines and jail time. Manslaughter in particular requires the defendant having a good attorney from the very beginning of the case’s investigation, because so much of the prosecutions’ work in convicting you deals with your intent in the case. Some misstep from the beginning or incorrectly held conversation can have devastating effects down the line.

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