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Top Cause of Workplace Injury Revealed

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What do you think is the top cause of workplace injury or workers compensation claim that we see? Hit by falling machinery, or long term lung damage as a result of inhaling in poisonous chemicals? No- it’s actually something simpler that all of us are at risk for on a daily basis, and one that is harder for an employer to effectively protect against.

The culprit? Exhaustion. Overexertion involving outside sources was once again ranked the highest in the country for workplace related injuries, which should come as no surprise for those of us who regularly need to perform tasks that seem out of our range of abilities and know that your bad back just isn’t what it used to be anymore. Surprisingly, many individuals who injury themselves based on overexertion may believe that they are not covered under workers compensation because the injury may have technically been their own fault. However, since it took place on work property, they are liable for your physical wellbeing during that time and absolutely can be held accountable in a court should you decide to sue for workers compensation.

For a whopping 65 percentage of all workplace related injuries, the top five types of workplace related injuries included the number one, overexertion, as well as falls from the same level or lower levels, as well as being struck by equipment or other objections. Other reasons for workplace related injuries in the top ten included slipping without falling, repetitive motion injuries, injuries involving a motor vehicle, and the most disturbing sounding: being caught in, struck by, or compressed by a piece of equipment while on the job. Yikes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 32% of the injury and illness cases were a result of musculoskeletal disorders, which often involved those who worked with their hands such as laborers or movers, as well as nursing assistants who often work long hours and are asked to do quite strenuous tasks. For businesses, the cost of overexertion injuries was $15.08 billion, and that’s not even counting the many other types of workplace injury claims and types.

If you have been injured at all in connection to the workplace, first immediately seek medical help, but then you should call an experienced attorney to begin investigating into your case and to seek you the best results available. Many individuals are entitled to coverage from their employer for the types of injuries that they received, and do not always go forward in pursuing the case. Be sure that you fully pursue what is available to you by law. For information about my experience in this field, contact me, Mark Yampaglia at my office at 844-847-0106 for a free consultation and to get started pursuing your case. Don’t delay, call today.