Injury Lawyer for Serious Personal Injury

If you have sustained serious personal injuries due to the negligence of others, then you may to sue for a serious injury. Don’t wait any longer. Your case could be worth millions.  Call now and get the money you deserve!

The Law Office of Mark Yampaglia has for decades provided legal assistance in protecting the interests and rights of plaintiffs who have been caused harm following the negligent or reckless action of another party. Our firm will guide you through how to sue for a serious injury. We have an impressive record of wins, with impressive settlement awards in both New York and New Jersey for accident victims.

What do Injury Lawyers Do?

Personal injury laws were created to enable the courts to establish guidelines through which victims of medical malpractice, product liability, accidents or injury following other forms of recklessness or negligence by other parties can be compensated for lost wages, injury, trauma and emotional suffering following their accident.

If you have been a victim of any such event, it’s important to get in touch with our top injury lawyer so that you can be given appropriate legal assistance regarding your rights and the possibility of compensation.

Personal Injury Attorney Jersey City