Pain and Suffering Damages

Pain and Suffering Damages Explained

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Pain and Suffering Damages Attorney in New Jersey

Pain and Suffering DamagesWhen you sue your place of employment for workers compensation damages, one of the major factors in determining the amount of money you will receive comes in the form of quantifying your ‘pain and suffering’. This is also true for any sort of injury caused by another person, and pain and suffering does not only deal with the direct financial cost of your medical treatment. Here’s some more information about how insurance companies gather information about the effects of an injury on your life overall.

Covered under Pain and Suffering: In addition to the medical expenses for your injuries, this categorization attempts to quantify the money you should receive for the suffering a physical ailment has caused you. This includes any ripple effects from an injury, including mental trauma or emotional damages that happened because of the incident for which you are filing suit. While it can be easy to quantify the cost of a five day hospital stay, there’s no obvious dollar mark for a permanent limp in your leg or even an ongoing dull backache you can’t seem to shake.

Per Diem Method: This is one key way which insurance companies work to determine the amount of pain and suffering damages that you should receive, and is quantified by the length of time which you are affected by the accident. It works by tallying the number of days from the accident until when a doctor determines you should be able to make a full recovery, and multiplying that by a set ‘per diem’ or per day number for which you are entitled daily for treatment and to go towards making a full recovery.

Multiplier: Ranging from one to five, this is another very common method of accounting for more subjective damages an individual can be awarded after a personal injury. It is determined by the severity of your injuries, both physical as well as emotional. It takes the medical bills you have been held accountable for and multiplies that depending on how severely damaging the experience was for you overall. This is a less widely respected way of calculating fair settlement value, and is often rejected by personal injury attorneys.

Proving your Pain and Suffering: Outside of doctors’ notes and hospital bills, you can also prove the less tangible results of your injury through testimony from family and friends, and reports by mental health professionals. Your life can be negatively affected after an injury by anxiety, depression, sleep issues and other residual traumatic experiences from the incident itself.

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