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New Jersey Workers' Compensation LawyerA New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is needed with cases involving illness or permanent injury. And despite what you may have been told and no matter the circumstances of your workers’ compensation claim, you are entitled to effective legal representation to protect your interests. Also, ask us about Social Security disability benefits if your permanent injury prevents you from working or being employed.

As many insurance companies and employers will only agree to pay work comp benefits on a limited basis, we may not only present testimony from your doctor and but also from other New Jersey Workers' Compensation Lawyerexperts via legal depositions. Most folks have no idea how to proceed in order to present the best effective and honest strategies for their workers compensation claims case, but Yampaglia Law is on your side.  We are here to serve your best interests for you and loved ones who also depend on what may be a vital outcome due to your specific injuries. We also know that you deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. Yampaglia Law helps clients in New Jersey recover from injuries with an eye on minimizing future concerns and problems. You deserve to be well and you deserve to be whole again. 

According to the State of New Jersey’s Department of Labor and Workplace Development website: “Workers’ compensation provides medical treatment, wage replacement and permanent disability compensation to employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses, and death benefits to dependents of workers who have died as a result of their employment.” Click the blue button below to find out about time limitations and the statute of limitations that applies to workers’ compensation cases in New Jersey.

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