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Medical Malpractice Cases: Clearing the Air

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medical malpractice casesMedical malpractice cases in the United States are a commonly misunderstood phenomena, which can lead to resentment between patients and doctors and additionally cause those who have been unjustly victimized by a medical malpractice incident from receiving the recourse they deserve. Here is a quick look on some of the top five misconceptions about medical malpractice that perpetuate today.

  1. The number of medical malpractice suits. While many people think that medical malpractice suits are growing, they are actually shrinking over the past several years. Far fewer individuals are filing suit for their injuries received while in medical care than could reasonably have a case to argue. Judges have noticed this, so if you do have a valid claim is it absolutely in your best interest to pursue the issue and see where it leads.
  2. The relationship between suits and healthcare costs. It is patently untrue that medical malpractice suits are driving up the cost of healthcare for everyday consumers like you and me. This widely spread misinformation was extrapolated from a small study more than 20 years ago, which was taken to apply for the entire country and has been disproven even in the small instance it claimed to speak for. The amount which healthcare professionals pay to defend themselves against malpractice suits comes to only 0.3% of healthcare spending; this is not what is driving up costs to exorbitantly.
  3. Suits are not scaring away doctors. Nothing could be more untrue, more doctors have been joining the ranks in recent years and growing in proportion to the number of citizens overall. Some states have taken to putting caps on medical malpractice suits, but in those without caps, there are more physicians per capita than those that do.
  4. Lawsuit payouts do not cause high malpractice premiums. Actually, there is no relationship between the two. The main groups that profit are insurance companies, which get their funding through investment and the difference between the premiums that they rake in and what they must pay out in successful claims. Premiums are raised during a recession to make sure that the insurance company isn’t losing any funds of their own in the process.
  5. Texas tort reforms are supposedly the golden standard, but should not be taken as such. States with damage caps and those without have virtually the same amount of premiums to pay, and Texas is often trumpeted as this great example of tort reform when this is far from true. In Texas, the Medicare costs rate is far higher than it is elsewhere in the country, and their very tight caps on damages may actually be keeping healthcare costs from shrinking as it was initially designed.

Medical malpractice is a nasty occurrence that can keep you or a loved one injured or sick as a result of a doctors’ mistake when you came in instead to be healed. If this happens, you need to know that you have rights to pursue compensation and recourse in the eyes of the law. Far fewer seek out these damages than are entitled to them, and you could be one. For more information about my services, contact me, Mark Yampaglia today at 844-847-0106 for a free consultation about medical malpractice cases in New Jersey.

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