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Hearing Loss Lawsuit in New Jersey

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hearing lossLong term firefighters in New Jersey are seeing red after filing a suit claiming extreme hearing loss that is “irreversible” and as a result of regular exposure to overly loud fire truck sirens. In this personal injury case, each firefighter pressed charges against the manufacturers of the sirens for not adequately testing the sound levels of the sirens they produced.

Each member of the 34-firefighter suit was employed for several decades by their respective stations throughout New Jersey and are seeking $150,000 individually for the loss of hearing they have suffered as a result of their time with the fire departments while being exposed to the excessively loud sirens. Their specific claim and case names the following manufacturers as being responsible for the damages: American LaFrance LLC, Mack Trucks Inc., Piece Manufacturing Inc., Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp., Seagrave Fire Apparatus LLC, and Federal Signal Corp. The initial story of their case was reported upon by NJ Advance Media, and proceedings are ongoing.

Originally, the suit was placed in the New Jersey Superior Court but is now taking place in Federal Court. The firefighters are residents of several New Jersey counties and cities, including Bayonne, Elizabeth, Kearney, Cranford, Linden, Union, Ridgewood, and West New York. In addition to the straight monetary damages requested, the firefighters are also looking for the manufacturers to cover the associated court costs of the case.

The manufacturers listed above include mostly truck makers, who the personal injury case alleges did not test or develop the cabs for the crew to ensure that firefighters inside the vehicle who were traveling to the scene of a call were not exposed to dangerous sound levels. Both the fire and paramedic vehicles are being called into question, as is the company which initially developed the sirens used by the trucks. They say that Federal Signal Corp was responsible for creating sirens that would not permanently damage the ears of the responding firefighters and should have been aware of the dangers associated with their marketed product.

Firefighters state in the Advance Media report that their permanent hearing loss has rendered them “unable to enjoy life’s pleasures”, and especially emphasize that the loss cannot be undone. This is a classic example of a personal injury case, and if you have found yourself facing a similar situation of a company recklessly creating dangerous products, I can help you fight and win your case.

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