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Traffic Ticket Attorney in New Jersey

Need a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Bergen County? The NJ state department of motor vehicles deals with traffic violations that are not of a criminal nature. Consequently, this allows the court to focus on other criminal offenses in the state. Notably, the Traffic Violations Bureau does not handle packing tickets, these common traffic violations:

  • Speeding: 2-11 points
  • Refusal to submit to a chemical test
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Allowing a suspended driver to drive
  • Improper passing of a school bus
  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Violating traffic signs
  • Improper U-turn

Traffic Points

Every traffic violation is awarded traffic points. As a result, the traffic laws stipulate the number of points to be awarded for each violation. The more serious the violation the more points you are awarded in your driving record. Therefore, you may see penalties for accumulating your points beyond a certain point. For example, accumulating more than six points makes you eligible for driver responsibility assessment fines.

Below are examples of traffic points awarded for various violations:

  • Speeding: 2-11 points
  • Passing a red traffic light: 2-4 points
  • Improper passing of a school bus: 5 points

Driving points have a negative effect on your insurance premiums. As a result, more points equate to higher insurance premiums. These could also lead to revocation of your driving license and hefty fines. Subsequently, offenders, CDL offenders, and junior license offenders are served more severe penalties. Many people look for a traffic ticket defense lawyer to keep a clean driving record and maintain low insurance premiums. Get the professional traffic violation legal help you deserve for any traffic ticket. We handle traffic matters ranging from stop sign violations to DUI. Contact Yampaglia Law today to discuss your situation.

Traffic Ticket Process

Once issued with a traffic ticket, you can either plead guilty or not guilty within 15 days of issuance. The ticket is comprised of various parts. Of which, you are required to fill in each part appropriately. The first section is comprised of your details, driving license details, and motor vehicle details. The second part outlines your charges and details of the violation incidents. The third section outlines the specifics of your court hearing including the day of the hearing and the address of the court. Lastly, the last section provides an option for you to plead by mail.

Pleading Guilty for a Traffic Ticket

You can plead guilty to a traffic violation. Therefore, your plea must be made within 15 days after you have been issued with a ticket. The plea is accompanied by payment of fines and surcharges for the violation committed. In cases where the violation leads to license suspension, you are required to go in person to the TBV to make your plea. Consequently, in such scenarios, pleading guilty via mail is not viable.

Pleading Not Guilty for Traffic Violations

The department of motor vehicles (DMV) handles cases where the suspect pleads not guilty. In these scenarios, the case is tried by a DMV administrative law judge who decides on the viability of the charges for a trial. Consequently, the judge has the authority to pass a sentence upon trial of the case including suspension of driving privileges.

The trial process is similar to other court cases. It involves making opening statements, presentation and cross examination of the prosecutor’s and defendant’s evidence before the judge passes a verdict. Though traffic violation trials do not necessitate a jury trial.

Pleading “not guilty“ is appropriate in cases where you want to prove your innocence. On the other hand, it also saves you hefty surcharges and fines in the event that you win the trial.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Perhaps you have realized the points on your license or driving record can be more costly than the lawyer or legal fees to defend yourself against a traffic ticket. Consequently, you want an affordable and effective lawyer to handle your traffic ticket matters. Many ticketed in Bergen County were just driving through or do not live here. In many cases, you may not be required to drive back here to appear. Of course, this all depends on the specific circumstances of your traffic case. You can give us a quick call or fill out the form below for a quick no-cost consultation and strategy session. There is no fee to learn more about your case right now!
Contact Mark Yampaglia Law PC for a traffic violation lawyer. We have successfully handled many traffic violation cases. First, we will review your case and offer legal counsel on whether or not to plead guilty. Afterward, we will help you with the ticket process and represent you in court in case of a trial.