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Theft Attorney

No matter how minor or significant a theft charge is. it can have a great impact on your professional and personal life. If found guilty of theft, you can face substantial fines and even the loss of your freedom. A theft charge can be especially devastating to a physician, teacher, attorney, or anyone whose career depends on professional certifications or licenses. International students, tourists, and corporate or financial service employees can face
even more severe consequences. If you have been accused of theft, contact Mark Yampaglia Law PC for legal representation by an experienced theft attorney.

Theft Charges

Theft is a relatively generic term applied to a series of different violations. In general, the term theft can be used to refer to petit larceny, extortion, grand larceny, and embezzlement. Larceny is the most basic theft offense and usually underlies more serious crimes. To be found guilty of larceny, a person must be found to have wrongfully taken property that belongs to another person with the intent to deprive that person of the property. No matter what type of theft a person is accused of. the pleading requirements remain the same. For instance, for this kind of charge to be prosecuted, the following factors must be proven, this can include:

  • Identification of stolen property
  • Identification of the person the property was stolen from

Before a case can move forward, the prosecution must prove these fundamental elements.
Types of Theft Charges As stated above, larceny is the most basic theft charge. In addition to two types of larceny, the most common theft charges include extortion and embezzlement. Petit larceny is described as theft that has a value of less than $1,000. Grand larceny involves the theft of property more than $1,000. Extortion occurs when a person threatens or forces someone to give them something. Embezzlement usually occurs in the business world and involves the theft of funds or assets that were trusted to you. In all of these theft scenarios above, the more value associated with the item or items stolen will increase the seriousness of the charges or even result in more charges.

Theft Defense Attorney

When you are facing theft charges, it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you. With an experienced defense attorney, you will be able to navigate the criminal justice system efficiently, helping you make the best choice.

Theft Defenses

Theft defenses are relatively the same no matter what the nature of the theft is. For example, some strategies apply to someone being investigated for embezzlement as someone that is accused of petit larceny. In some cases, it may be possible to have cases dismissed or create a plea deal to avoid prison. However, no attorney can guarantee a particular outcome. Instead, defendants should choose an attorney that’s committed to diligently advocating on your behalf. While advocating to get you the best deal, an attorney can challenge evidence, mitigate conduct, or work to have the consequences of your arrest minimized.

One of the most critical questions a defense attorney will work to answer is whether an arrest or indictment for a theft charge is appropriate or not. After determining the appropriateness of the charges, a defense attorney can examine the dollar amount associated with the value of the theft. If the dollar amount can be decreased, the degree of the crime may be decreased as well. While managing to reduce a charge is certainly second best to having a charge dismissed altogether, it may offer a quick and easy solution to ending what could be a long, drawn- out case otherwise. The only way to determine what is best in your unique situation is to retain a criminal defense attorney who will provide you with honest, straightforward answers to your questions and provides you with the appropriate guidance to handle your case quickly and efficiently.

Criminal Defense Attorney

In the New York and New Jersey area, you can contact Mark Yampaglia to defend you in theft cases. Mr. Yampaglia understands the impact a theft charge can have on your life and liberty. Mr. Yampaglia will dedicate his resources and time to provide defendants with a viable defense in criminal cases.