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Manslaughter and murder are defined differently under state laws, but both carry stiff penalties for those found guilty of the c iwbe . Manslaughter is defined as the intentional killing of another human being without any malice or premeditation. Under state laws, manslaughter can be defined as voluntary or involuntary. Manslaughter charges are different than murder charges because there is no malicious intent involved with manslaughter. If prosecutors determine a defendant caused the death of another person with malicious intent, the defendant will likely be charged with murder rather than manslaughter. Due to the severe consequences of a manslaughter charge, it is important for anyone accused to understand the case and hire an experienced criminal lawyer to represent them in court.

Is Manslaughter a Homicide Charge?

When a person is charged with manslaughter, they are in essence being accused of committing a homicide. Homicide is defined as causing the death of another person. Manslaughter is not as severe as murder but is still a very serious crime.

Involuntary Manslaughter

If you are charged with manslaughter, it’s important to understand what type of charge you are facing. When considering manslaughter charges, prosecutors will usually decide between voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. A voluntary manslaughter is when a person intended to cause physical harm but did not intend to kill another person. For instance, if two men engage in a fight outside a bar and one man dies from injuries sustained in the fight, a prosecutor could file manslaughter charges. With an involuntary manslaughter
charge, there is no element of the intent behind a crime. Although an involuntary manslaughter charge does not require any intent, a person can still face serious punishments and changes in their lifestyle.

In most cases, those accused of manslaughter will face many challenges in the future. For instance, professionals or prominent members of the community could face judgment from others or suffer a loss of business or reputation. For those that are in this country on visas or illegally, a criminal manslaughter charge could mean you might be deported to your home country. The best way to avoid these types of situations is to hire a criminal defense attorney to address the charges being filed against you as quickly as possible.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Another manslaughter charge that a defendant could face is vehicular manslaughter. As with other manslaughter charges, a defendant could face involuntary or voluntary manslaughter charges. Again, the pre-determination for the charges will be based on intent and a person’s behavior while driving a vehicle. For example, if a defendant is drinking or impaired while driving and caused the death of others, they can be charged with voluntary vehicle
manslaughter. Any vehicle manslaughter charge is serious and considered a felony in most instances. In addition to heavy fines and loss of driving privileges, a person convicted of this crime may also face significant jail time or civil lawsuit liabilities.

Manslaughter Defense Attorney

There are many reasons to hire an attorney as soon as you think you are going to be accused of this crime. Since much of the prosecution’s case is based on your intent, it is important to be able to defend yourself from the very start. In some instances, a prosecution will extend manslaughter charges to mothers who leave their children with unqualified babysitters or others that are relatively removed from a case. In order to have these charges reduced
or dismissed, a defendant needs to have the proper representation right away. The sooner you hire a criminal defense attorney, the sooner your attorney can begin to evaluate your case, the details surrounding the death of another person, and the prosecution’s evidence against you. After evaluating all the circumstances, a criminal defense attorney can deliver an honest, straightforward evaluation of your case and begin to defend you appropriately.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Mark Yampaglia is licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey. If you are accused, arrested, or even suspected of any manslaughter, you should contact him today. Mr. Yampaglia will immediately begin to research your situation and help you navigate the legal system. Contact him today!