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Drug Defects Attorney

Many prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs have come under increased scrutiny because of significant drug defects including unexpected side effects, long-term consequences, and even death. Some drugs have been recalled by the FDA or recalled voluntarily by their manufacturers when questions relating to their safety have been called upon. However, there are still many on the market that can cause substantial harm, which is contrary to what patients expect when taking a medication. If you have taken a medication that has caused your health or condition to deteriorate instead of improve, you may be able to pursue compensation for drug defects under the state law.

Drug Defects Cases

Cases involving drug defects are considered personal injury claims under the state law. If a pharmaceutical medication has caused a personal injury or wrongful death, the victim or the family of the victim may be able to pursue compensation for losses including physical and emotional trauma, medical expenses, and rehabilitation costs. Only a qualified personal injury lawyer can evaluate the aspects of your case to determine if it meets the requirements for a personal injury case. Get the legal representation you need for your personal injury case at
Mark Yampaglia Law PC, and receive the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Types of Drug Defects Cases

A drug defects case is a personal injury case and usually involves at least one or more of the following aspects:

  • Drug recalls
  • Dangerous vs. Defective Drug classifications
  • Pharmaceutical litigation

Pharmaceutical Litigation

Pharmaceutical litigation takes place when a drug has caused serious health problems. When this happens, the FDA may have removed the drug from the market. However, there are cases where a medication has been allowed to stay on the market despite questionable safety issues revolving around it including the medication’s ability to cause side effects associated with life-long consequences. Pharmaceutical litigation is possible in this situation because consumers depend and trust manufacturers and physicians to offer safe, effective medications. When this
happens, victims may be able to remedy their situation by beginning a product liability claim against the drug manufacturer.

Drug Defects Attorney

If you or someone you love has faced serious consequences or injury as the result of a drug defect, you should contact Yampaglia Law. The attorney at Yampaglia Law has represented clients in personal injury claims for years. When you contact our law office, you can expect a straightforward assessment of your case. All questions will be answered quickly and based on experienced knowledge in personal injury cases. If the law office accepts your case and moves forward with litigation, you won’t have to pay any legal fees unless you are awarded a
financial settlement. Our clients at Yampaglia Law can expect to stay duly informed of all proceedings including settlement offers, circumstances, and evidence related to your case.

Contact Mark Yampaglia Law PC today to find out what your rights are under the state law.