Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Leading Cause of Death on NJ Motorways

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Driving is by far the most dangerous activity that all of us participate in on a daily basis, whether it’s as a passenger, operator of a vehicle, or even on a bus or other form of public transportation. Major campaigns over the recent years have highlighted the extreme danger of driving while intoxicated, but it turns out that for a fifth year in a row there is a much more dangerous culprit at play when it comes to endangering the safety of motorists in New Jersey.

It’s distracted driving, a common mistake that many of us make regularly when we get behind the wheel. This could be classified as anything from fiddling with the car radio, fixing your makeup in the rear-view mirror, or turning around to the backseat to talk with your children. Cell phone usage is top among the issues here for distracted drivers, and causes many accidents and even fatalities that could surely have been avoided.

These new sobering statistics come from a State Police analysis of crash data, which shows that for more than five years in a row, driver inattention has been the main problem for drivers in New Jersey in terms of the number of accidents caused. The worst part is that they are all preventable and not tackled as efficiently by state awareness campaigns.

More commonly talked about by far are instances of driving drunk and driving while impaired, which have been heavily advertised against by the state in campaigns such as “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”, among many others. While these are still serious issues that should be addressed by law enforcement and noted by drivers trying to stay aware of potential intoxication by others on the roadway, they are still surprisingly not as dangerous as simply eating while driving and looking down for ‘just one second’ to check on anything other than the roadway.

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