Murder Charge Penalty

Local and state officials keep track of all the deaths in their area. One of the reasons this crime has been and always will be monitored is because it is a gold standard that others use to determine the safety of that particular area. For this reason, the enforcement of laws and prosecution relating to murder and homicide charges are usually very aggressive. With this in mind, it is critical for anyone accused of murder to hire an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as charges made. Additionally, it’s important for any person accused of murder not to speak with anyone regarding the case until they have talked with an attorney. Adding to the complexity of murder charges is the procedures, definitions, and defenses relating to these types of crimes and the varying penalties associated with different degrees of murder.

Is Homicide a Crime?

Under state laws, not all forms of homicide may be considered a criminal act. For example, a person may cause the death of another person in a justifiable manner if they were defending themselves or another person. Although the intent of the crime may be extremely obvious, prosecutors will still examine the case to determine whether the death of another person was excusable or justified. If prosecutors deem the death was justifiable, it’s likely that no criminal charges will be filed.