Does a Divorce Attorney Need to be Expensive?

Divorce AttorneyTalk to an Affordable Divorce Attorney in New Jersey who can make the process quick and inexpensive. Our best divorce lawyers in Bergen County are dedicated to compassionately resolving your divorce case. If there are no property or debts, no children or grown children, and then no spousal nor any child support are a consideration, you might consider a simple on uncontested divorce from Yampaglia Law. If both parties are on the same page for an amicable parting of ways, it can save money.

Divorce does not have to be a cost a lot nor be a battle or combative affair. Most of the divorce details involve the settlement agreement. If you an your spouse can make a friendly agreement, the paperwork with no fighting, is all that is left. That’s where Bergen County’s divorce lawyer at Yampaglia Law comes in. We can quickly and painlessly help with your settlement papers to the joint satisfaction of both parties involved. And save money!

Divorce Attorney

If it is decided that the court does not have jurisdiction over the case, it will not be accepted or eventually dismissed. For this reason, and many others, it is important to understand divorce proceedings including the process, common causes, and what to expect from your attorney. For an experienced divorce attorney, contact Mark Yampaglia Law PC to help explain the divorce process and how you can protect your interests.

Divorce Requirements

To be considered a resident in divorce proceedings, either party of the divorce must be a true resident of the state. Additionally, the party must have been a state resident until the beginning of the action. No actions for absolute divorce will begin for any other cause than adultery unless at least one party has been a state resident for a minimum of 1 year proceeding the beginning of the action.

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