Criminal offenses are acts that lawmakers have specified as crimes that infringe on the peaceful co-existence of citizens. Below are some criminal offense insights you ought to know.

Criminal Law Charges

The criminal law refers to the body of law that regulates the social conduct of people and prescribes what can be considered as a crime within a specified jurisdiction. It also includes the punishment of offenders of these laws. Unlike the civil law that focuses on conflict resolution, the criminal law focuses on punishing the offenders.

Therefore, criminal law charges are formal accusations by government authorities asserting that you have committed a crime. If you are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the court of law, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Misdemeanor charges include punishments that are not harsh such as fines, probation, a very short jail time or even taking drug classes.

Felony charges are more serious and have a very harsh punishment. Felony cases include treason and murder.