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Slip and fall accidents are popular cases. They are handled under the negligence law as it is believed that they happen as a result of negligence by another party.

Slip and fall accidents can happen in commercial places, government property, or workplaces. In either case, the responsible party is held liable to the damages on the victim. The liable party is expected to pay for costs incurred as a result of the damage such as medical costs, lost wages as a result of temporary or permanent disability, and damaged property. Find a slip and fall attorney in Jersey City that can build a strong case for.

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Slip and fall cases must be filed within three years from the day of the incident. This statute of limitation applies for all types of slip and fall claims including cases against the government and cases seeking compensation for damaged property.

Slip and fall cases must fulfill the following two elements:

  1. The owner was aware of a condition to slip and fall accident
  2. The owner was negligent of the cause

In court cases, the victim must prove the two elements to win the trial. The victim is also expected to prove the extent of damages they suffered as a result of the accident. Therefore, it is important to properly document the claim and any relevant evidence.

For instance, once the accident occurs, be sure that you notify the property owner as soon as possible. The incident must be documented as required by business safety laws. Once you seek medical attention, be sure that medical records are documented. It is imperative that you contact a lawyer immediately after the incident. This procedure builds the basis for your claim and case. If you have questions about your circumstances, speak with an accident attorney at Yampaglia Law today.

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