Legal MatterMark Yampaglia Legal Matter Success Stories

When I had a legal matter in Bergen County I called Mark Yampaglia Law PC and they were fantastic. The staff was not only very cordial and friendly but they answered all my questions promptly. I went to court with Mark Yampaglia he not only made me feel at ease but he did an amazing job with my case. I would highly recommend Mark Yampaglia Law PC to anyone who is seeking a friendly and competent attorney.

— Jack

I had a legal issue and was scared to death. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn; then someone recommended Mark Yampaglia Law PC. Mark Yampaglia agreed to take on my case and he did a phenomenal job. My advice would be to choose Mark Yampaglia Law PC and don’t look back, it will be the best move you ever make.

— Bonita

When I received a notice that I had to appear in court I was frightened to death. This is when I called Mark Yampaglia Law PC. Mark Yampaglia explained everything to me in detail and fought hard to win my case. He not only won my case but saved my license. If you ever have a legal problem I would recommend you call Mark Yampaglia Law PC; you won’t regret it.

— James

When someone stole my identity I didn’t know what to do. I was receiving bills for items I never purchased. I was being sued wrongfully. This is when I called Mark Yampaglia Law PC. Mark Yampaglia was able to find out who the perpetrator was and clear my name. He saved my credit score and my life.

— Anthony

Mark always aims at achieving the maximum possible efficiency, at all the possible areas of work that he handles. He is a person who puts in, his whole and soul into the task. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with both clients and staff. Timely completion with the maximum efficiency is his motto of work. A knowledge thirsty person, he is always ready to help you in any task.

— Bhakti

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