Auto accidents are the leading cause of serious injury and even death in the United States annually. Technological advancements bringing safety improvements on roads and in vehicles notwithstanding, car accidents are still quite common. In truth, majority of civil tort cases being litigated today are auto accident liability claims.

At this point, it’s important to mention that not every car accident may lead to a civil tort case. Where there aren’t any injuries, or only minor injuries, the No-fault laws of New York will apply to govern recovery and claims. Where injuries are more serious, there are higher chances of successful recovery in a civil tort case.

Auto accident liability

To determine fault in an auto accident, the rules applicable follow the most basic definitions of negligence according to the law of torts. Negligence is thus defined as lack of ordinary care i.e. care that a reasonable and prudent person might take given the same circumstances. This may be negligence by omission or commission.

The following are the most common causes of auto accidents. In any case, you need the counsel of an experienced lawyer specializing in car accident laws to correctly determine whether you have a legal claim or not.