About Essex County

This county is located in the NJ state of USA. The county was founded in 1693 and named after an English county referred to as Essex. It is ranked as the third most populous county in USA with a population of 795,723. It is also ranked as the second most densely populated state in NJ.

The population of Essex County is ethnically diverse as the county is home to people of different races, culture and religion. There is a great divide between the wealthy and the poor. Essex neighborhoods constitute Western Essex, which is home for the wealthy and affluent; and Eastern Essex, which is home for the poor.

Essex County is governed by a county executive and a nine member board of chosen freeholders who operate from the county seat in Newark. Both the county executive and the freeholders are elected by the electorate. The board serves for a three year period with the board chairperson and vice chairperson serving a one year term in the leadership of the board. Five members of the board are elected to represent each of the five districts while the remaining four are selected from the entire county.